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"Time is our most valuable possession
Don't waste it on bad movies"

About Musty Reviews

The Origin Story

My Experience

At Musty Reviews you can find critiques, analysis and discussions on movies, TV and all things pop culture. My real name is Mustafa Rashid, (phonetically pronounced “moo-sta-fa ra-sheed”) so given that my initials are MR and that I enjoy overthinking analysing things, Musty Reviews felt like the right name for the website. It’s close enough to Musty Rashid and is exactly what it suggests, Musty, Reviews.

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Movie Reviews from someone like you

Representation Matters. Ultimately, our experiences shape our opinions. However, there are very few people in mainstream media that I can identify with. And as a result, a lot of reviews I’ve read don’t match up with my experiences. Movie reviews for Muslims. For example, in a typical paranormal horror movie, no need to get bullied by a ghost, just recite Aytul Kursi a few times and the problem will be solved. 

15 years experience in Film and Media

By the time I reached my mid-teens (and early emo phase) I decided to enrol into film school to understand the theory behind movie production. And thus began my educational career in media that spanned 6 years. Recruited right after graduating, I accumulated a decade’s worth of practical industry experience, allowing me to better understand the art of cinema.
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Understanding Reviews

If my review scoring structure confuses you, check out my Review Scale

The base meaning of review is to assess something. Any form of creative media (books, movies, music) is considered a type of art. The beauty of art is that it can touch people in different ways. Some like traditional paintings by dead european men, others like urban art by people who look homeless. As a result, a review can be an amalgamation of the following:

Something factual, i.e the entire cast of Friends were white

Based on feeling, i.e I love Friends

To be for or against something, sometimes in an unfair way, i.e a newspaper is biased towards a political party

To give a verdict without being influenced by either side, i,e a judge must see all of the evidence before giving a verdict

Reviews will likely be subjective, however in the interest of fairness, I’ll try my best to be objective and impartial and mention when I am bias and why.


Mustafa or Musty
Born and raised in Manchester, UK
Pakistani Origin
Movies, TV & Anime:
Sci-fi, Horror, Fantasy, Thriller, Action, Comic Book
Mostly Rock, Punk, Metal
Grilled, Fried, Spicy
Android, Microsoft, not Apple

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