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The importance of opinion in the land of consumption

We all work hard and as a result we want to enjoy whatever free time we have, especially when our hard earned money is involved. Retrospectively, reviews are important, but what’s just as important is who the review is coming from. Not all walks of life are the same and as a result, not all art touches us in the same way. All of my reviews are written by yours truly. You can learn more about me here

Review Scores

Bad movies exist

I’d like to think there is no such thing as a Bad movie, for content to score this low is rare but they do exist. I try my best to avoid giving this rating. For one reason or another, these Movies and TV Shows made me wish I’d never seen them due to their infuriating or insultingly unoriginal plot. Even if there was a good concept involved, it’s been diluted by its poor execution. Prolonged consumption of this type of content will have a seriously detrimental effect on your brain. You’re welcome. I just saved you from making a terrible mistake.

Perfect for Netflix & Chill

This is that special style of Hollywood bland that doesn’t quite live up to the hype the trailer suggested. Largely forgettable and the cinematic embodiment of mediocre. This is best suited for those Netflix and chill type evenings where you want a little background noise. This isn’t something you should spend your time or money on if you consider either to be precious, but they’ll pass the time if you have nothing better to do. Alas, every cloud has a silver lining and it’s likely a good scene or concept saved this train wreck from being bad.

A great way to break up the week

I’d like to think there is no such thing as a Bad movie, for content to score this low is rare but they do exist. I try my best to avoid giving this rating. For one reason or another, these Movies and TV Shows made me wish I’d never seen them due to their infuriating or insultingly unoriginal plot. Even if there was a good concept involved, it’s been diluted by its poor execution. Prolonged consumption of this type of content will have a seriously detrimental effect on your brain. You’re welcome. I just saved you from making a terrible mistake.

Saturday nights sorted

These are the Movies and TV Shows that stick with us. They’re fun, memorable and entertaining on multiple viewings. Thanks to lovable characters, clever writing, stunning visuals and an epic score, you’ll have very few complaints watching this movie

Cinema at its finest

I enthusiastically recommend these movies and TV Shows. If I rate something as Amazing, it means that something about it really impressed me. You can definitely consider it to be a highlight of its time and genre. There is no such thing as a truly perfect Movie or TV Show but this rating comes as close as reasonably possible. These are modern classics and will influence future pop culture.

A prestigious honour

Very limited few will receive this honour. Awarded only to my personal favourites. A special set of recommendations. This is basically an Editors Choice award.

Understanding Scores

Rather than giving a typical star rating or reviewing on a 100 point scale, my reviews are rated based on opinion. Where the star system is famous for reviews, the 100 point scale is much more effective. However both feel flawed to me, giving something a 4 star review is as much of a cop-out as a 7 out of 10. They both represent an average and as a result, the average movie therefore goes un reviewed.

The other issue is that 2 movies can be rated at 8 out of 10 but strongly outrank each other, though the 100 point scale has the ability to demonstrate the difference between a strong 8 and a weak 8, it can get complicated for the casual movie goer.

Reviews are just opinions

With my opinion based method, movies are rated as they appear, with varying degrees of good or bad. Anything that I consider as required viewing will be awarded a “Must Watch” seal of approval, consider it a limited edition editors choice.

Rankings, such as top 5 lists are strictly based on opinion and review score is considered but not detrimental to its inclusion. For example Clash of the Titans can be included in a top 5 remakes list even though its a bad movie, it just happens to be a good remake.

Although scores are based on opinion, they are held to a strict fairness and transparency policy. If I’m bias towards a franchise, actor or director, I’ll be sure to mention it. With that in mind, I highly suggest you follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to try and get an understanding of where I’m coming from, based on personality and lifestyle. Basically, I don’t want review scores to end the discussion, rather I want to encourage more of them. I want you to interact with you throughout the entirety of the process in a smart, professional and passionate manner.

Content Ratings

Rating from 1 to 10, with 1 being very little and 10 being a lot.

If you’ve ever covered your eyes (and ears) during a romantic yet physically intimate love scene, you know how hard it is to find family friendly movies, especially if you’re Muslim like me (or follow any other religion). Plus the additional challenge of understanding if a film’s age rating is appropriate – i.e movies rated 15 now contain nudity or films rated 12A show women in form fitted clothing.

The traditional MPAA rating can be a good place to start. But U, PG, and 12A don’t offer enough information. Taking a risk could either result in a good time for the whole family or  having to explain some mature themes to young children.

Thankfully, with the content rating system, we can understand if the content is more age appropriate and analyse if it demonstrates a positive message that we can all get behind. 

Ultimately, the final decision to watch is yours. I’ve done the hard work for you, it’s up to you to apply it to yourself or your family members. Be sure to check out the trailer on the page before watching the movie.

Representation matters

A good story depends on good, relatable characters. Is the cast diverse enough? Can you see yourself interacting with everyone on screen? Is there a healthy discussion around religious beliefs? Does the film represent BAME characters in a positive way? Is there any LGBTQ representation and is it forced?

Morals and Values

Media messages impact everyone, so it’s only logical to choose movies that demonstrate the values you’d like to absorb. Here we can consider the characters shown on screen. Do they demonstrate characteristics you’d like to emulate? Are they mature and responsible? Are there consequences to their actions? Or are they reckless and immature or just simply shallow? Ultimately, can you aspire to be like them.

Brand Names

Product placement and actors being brand ambassadors is all a part of the film and tv industry. However, how do we, the consumer, deal with this? It is important to understand what we are seeing on the screen. Are characters driving sporty red convertibles or unbranded bicycles? How does this affect our perception of success, failure and contentment to life.

Swear words

Curse words can spoil a good set of dialogue. I’ve often noticed respectable characters swear and as a result, it’s quite off putting. In this section of the content score, we can better understand what level of profanity is being used. Weather its gateway curses or full blown cover your mother’s ears’ swear words.

Was anyone hurt?

Knifes, guns, explosions, gore and blood. Is their use appropriate or is it there for the sake of it. Are they used in a positive way or just a plot point? It’s always good to know, especially if you’re squeamish!

Responsibility First

A few friends sharing a beer or a shady character smoking a cigarette can be looked over. Some characters my smoke or drink as a character trait or a representation of the time period the movie was set in. But when the drinking becomes consequences free or the use of drugs becomes humorous, it needs to be addressed.

Adult Scenes

We’ve all been there, Saturday night, you’ve got 3 generations of your family sitting together to enjoy a nice movie. Yet here we are, 45 minutes in and characters on screen are kissing, shown topless or even having intercourse! Not the best representation of family entertainment! Thankfully, I’ll let you know if there is anything to be worried about.

Quality Rating

Overall, how much of a wholesome and positive message is this film showing.


If you're not comfortable with what's being shown on the screen, you can always turn it off and walk away.

BBFC Age Ratings

British Board of Film Classification

The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) is an independent, non profit, regulator and has been classifying films since it was established by the film industry in 1912 . They are responsible for classifying Age Ratings for movies.

The Age Rating process begins by the Film being seen by at least two Compliance Officers, They will suggest a suitable age rating which will then be approves the the compliance manager or the department head

Universal – Suitable for all

A U film should be suitable for audiences aged four years and over, although it is impossible to predict what might upset any particular child.

Parental Guidance

General viewing, but some scenes may be unsuitable for young children. A PG film should not unsettle a child aged around eight or older. 

Suitable for 12 years

Films classified 12 contain material that is not generally suitable for children aged under 12. There may be some strong language and moderate bad language

Under 12 must be with an adult

No one younger than 12 may see a 12A film in a cinema unless accompanied by an adult. There may be nudity, but in a sexual context it must be brief and discreet.

Suitable only for 15 years +

No one younger than 15 should see a certificate 15 film. The film may feature adult themes but not enough to glorify them or display them with strong detail

Suitable only for adults

No one younger than 18 may see a certificate 18 film. Adults should be free to choose their own entertainment with the exception of the material breaching criminal law or created through a criminal offence. Depending on the depth and frequency of sexual activity, a movie may be rated R18, being strictly for Adults.


Do you ever change your review scores?

Possibly, Iron Man 3 is probably the biggest 180 I’ve taken on a movie. Originally I didn’t like it, however with time and a little understanding its become one of my most loved movies. 

How do you determine scores?

I do my utmost to provide an accurate opinion, if there is such a thing. A movie consists of the following key parts, Visuals, Score, Plot, Acting, Editing. The final score is based on how well I believe the above points gel together. Venom is an excellent example of this, some good acting paired with a few jokes helped turn a bad movie into a rather enjoyable experience. Alternatively, Batman vs Superman had a lot of potential but was let down by its long plot and confusing editing.

How do you decide what gets reviewed?

Ideally, everything I watch will be reviewed. What I watch can be a bit of a lucky dip. If there is something you specifically want to me review, or just want a discussion on what i thought about it, contact me via
FacebookTwitter and Instagram.