Muslims Guide to Game of Thrones

Ramadan is coming.
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It’s been a long time since the penultimate season of Game of Thrones came to an end and with just hours to go until the final season starts, I’m struck with a dilemma. Ramadan is coming.

The best season of Game of Thrones yet

One unconditional guarantee is the absolute spectacle that awaits us in Season 8. With pretty much every episode being as long as a full length movie, it’s safe to say these episodes will probably be the best we have ever seen.

For those self proclaimed “woke” individuals who claim “I’m pRoBaBlY ThE OnLy pErSoN WhO DoEsN’T WaTcH GaMe oF ThRoNeS” as a badge of honour, Game of thrones takes place in a mythical land of westeros. Revolving around 9 noble families who wage war against each other and battle for the iron throne. However that’s the simple stuff to digest. Mix in mythical creatures like dragons, giants and frozen zombies, and you have a real mind bending show on your hands.

Good entertainment isn’t always halal

For those who followed along with the show since day 1, or crammed in the past few weeks and months, we all know how addictive and compelling game of thrones is to watch, but for the more religion conscious of us, we also know how much haram these folk get up to. Examples include but definitely aren’t limited to; Shirk, Incest Same sex relations, Rape,

Unnecessary nudity – especially when important conversations are happening and bloody, gruesome murder.

Like how can someone justify watching this as a muslim when its not ramadan, let alone during ramadan. The justification for good entertainment can only go so far! But I guess this comes part and parcel with living in this day and age and i guess we can close our eyes when we see certain brother and sister duo.

Ramadan is coming

During ramadan many muslims strive to be the best muslims they can. People give up alcohol and drugs, boyfriends and girlfriends will abstain from each other until the day after eid, a personal favourite is when the local drug dealer wears a prayer cap. Even the most casual muslims try their utmost to be the best muslim they can for 30 days of the year.

One of the reasons behind this is for the love and respect of Allah. Who else would you give up something or someone you can’t live without every other day of the year for. If someone can master their willpower for ramadan, can’t we let go of a relatively insignificant tv show for the greater good?

What is Ramadan

For those who don’t quite understand what ramadan is, it is a holy month where for 30 days every muslim who is able to fast will abstain from eating, drinking, physical intimacy, lying, cheating etc from sunrise to sunset. Plus muslims will avoid any major and minor sins during the month, including alcohol, drugs and adultery (that includes boyfriend girlfriends and pron fyi). Not to mention the value of good deeds will be increased, so you will get more reward for leaving and using your willpower to hold off on consuming what is haram (not allowed).

As the value of good deeds are increased during ramadan, most people will stop watching movies and TV shows, even listening to music as it would be considered wasting valuable time. Thus replacing those acts with extra worship, reading quran and islamic lectures etc.

Decisions Decisions

So now that we have established how game of thrones is unmissable and the importance of ramadan , we have 3 potential options to take:

Option 1- The Naughty Option

Considering the episodes will air at 2am UK time, it is potentially feasible to watch an episode after taraweeh and before sehri. But you could potentially use those 90 minutes to help prepare for the upcoming fast or do some valuable worship like tahajjud and reading the quran.

Option 2 – Post Eid Binge

This is the smart option if it wasn’t for the internet and spoilers. Consider not watching game of thrones for an extra 8 weeks or so and avoiding all social media, then spending the next few days after eid enjoying every moment of game of thrones without interruption. Thus maximising your ramadan and the enjoyment of such a great show.

Option 3 – The Middle Path

You watch every fresh episode as soon as it comes out then spend the next few days looking forward to your weekly dose of westeros. Then once ramadan starts you go cold turkey and avoid all social media too, once eid is over, you can either watch the season from the beginning, or finish off the last few episodes and rejoice in the fact that you’ve technically made the best of both situations.


11 months of the year are for us to do as we please, but Ramadan only comes once a year, i personally feel it’s best we abstain from our favourite TV show for a few short weeks when we’ve waited for pretty 2 years to get to this point.

I thank Allah that Avengers: End Game comes out just before ramadan beings.

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