Top 5 Great Action Movies

Action Movies that will blow your socks off!
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5. John Wick 2014

Not only does John Wick deliver a breathtaking action movie but paint a vivid universe that helps spawn 2 sequels. Keeping the plot short and sweet helps focus in on the action and there is a lot of it. 

4. Olympus has Fallen 2013

This is a better die hard movie than die hard 5. It’s a great popcorn flick and I thoroughly enjoyed watching this in the cinema. I’d avoid the sequel as it had too much flag waving.

3. Predators 2010

A true instalment to the Predator franchise, Predators is the first real predator movie since Predator 2 and the aliens first outing since the AVP duology. It’s way better than the one released in 2018. Predators takes everything bad from the original and improves it while maintaining what made the 1987 classic so good.

2. Terminator 2 1991

I recently met a teenager who didn’t know who The Terminator was. Like OMG. Anyway, this is the perfect movie sequel. You take whatever is good about the first movie and make it bigger and better in every way. Where Terminator 1 was a low budget “Tech Noir” movie, Terminator 2 defined the 90’s action genre. 

What makes T2 so good is we have this established character, The Terminator, an unstoppable killing machine, go up against a far more advanced opponent. In Terminator 1 the action revolved around guns, which are lethal humans but not robots. In T2 however, the T-1000 transforms his arms into knives and blades, making the violence that much more intimate. You could feel every cut he makes, flinch at every jab and stab taken. Best of all, you could feel every pump of the gun blow chunks out of the liquid metal nightmare.

1. Mad Max: Fury Road 2015

By far one of THE most thrilling movies I have seen to date. Where Gibson’s iconic performance as Max will remain timeless, Hardy makes it his own thanks to the amazing script that has Max do more and say less. Fury Road is a true successor to Mad Mad: Road Warrior, dialling the action up to 11 and then breaking the scale! Like OMG this movie is relentless,

Some interesting choices right! Have you seen these movies? Have i missed something out? Let me know in the comments.

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