My Top 5 Sci-Fi Movies Part 2

Goofy gore, epic fantasies & dystopian futures
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5. Critters 1 & 2 1986, 1988

Playing out like a teenage boys “what if” fantasy, Critters is that perfect blend of 80’s horror movie meets slapstick comedy. Think of it as a wacky version of the Gremlins. Critters 2 turns things up a notch with a lot more humour while maintaining the goofy gore of the original.

4. DREDD 2012

This movie reminds me a lot of The Raid which was released in the same year. It’s another great example of a low budget movie that puts the story first and pushes the actors into the forefront of the action. Urban and Headey steal the show while Thirlby puts in an amazing performance as the relatable rookie. With some intense moments and great action, Dredd is the perfect movie for a Saturday night in.

3. District 9 2009

I’m crazy about this movie, I love everything about it. The closest we’ll ever get to a Half Life movie, District 9 is an amazing story driven experience. I love the social commentary on refugees and people that are different to you. Minor Spoiler – I love the Gravity Gun and Mech-Suit!

2. Cloverfield 2008

This was the perfect movie trailer, it’s funny, mysterious, it does enough to sell the movie without spoiling the story. Of course, it could only come from JJ Abrams. without spoiling too much, the found footage camera shake isn’t too bad and the characters are lovable and relatable. I really enjoyed this movie and the Cloverfield series as a whole.

1. Masters Of The Universe 1987

Masters of the Universe pits a large roster of Eternia’s Heroes and Villains in a movie that went so out of budget, the final duel was filmed in the dark. Starring Dolph Lundgren in his least favourite role because of the “made for TV softcore porn” style skimpy outfit he dons through the movie. The film also includes a young Courtney Cox and the principal from back to the future. The 90’s He Man movie makes number 1 on the list thanks to the amount of work that was put into crafting the movie universe. the villains were repulsive to look at yet the actors did an amazing job bringing them to life. Frank Langella’s performance as skeletor would be hard to top. i especially enjoy the 3rd act from the music store shootout onwards. And talking about music, the theme tune provides the perfect backdrop, being equal parts epic fantasy and out of this world sci=fi.

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