My Top 5 Sci-Fi Movies

A lot of these are Popular movies but I like them for weird reasons
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5. Star Trek 2009

Lost was one of my favourite TV Shows and to hear that JJ Abrams was going to direct the new Star Trek movie that was about my favourite version of Star Trek (the original Series) it was safe to say I was Excited! From the visuals and the casting, I was hooked. The twist on the story line and the character dynamics really sold this franchise to me.

4. Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith 2005

Yes, this is my favourite Star Wars movie. Yes the original trilogy is good too but this one is my favourite. The Prequel Trilogy was made for my generation. They follow the story of Anakin from pre teen to early adulthood. To be fair the phantom menace and the clone wars didn’t need to be made, they could have just released revenge of the sith and be done with it. But I appreciate the background given to the characters within this trilogy.

Complain about the acting and the CGI all you like. Revenge gives us an insight into the downfall of a good man and the raise of one of the most formidable villains to ever grace the screen. Anakin and Obi-Wans duel on Mustafar is a thrilling sequence to watch. As I mentioned above, the prequals were for my generation and I relate a lot to Anakin. It was heartbreaking to see someone be let down by his peers, to watch him get manipulated by someone he saw as a friend and to destroy any chance at a happy life in a fit of rage and a period of un-clarity.

3. Aliens 1986

In Alien we are introduced to this intelligent and terrifying monster that lurks  in the shadows of a claustrophobic space ship. The true horror was in the suspense. In Aliens, the sequel, the game completely changes! Lets dial the number up to 11 and have thousands of Aliens go up against a team of lovable and colourful Space Marines. Featuring alternative universe Kyle Reese, 1980’s Michelle Rodriguez and Ripley but more Badass! Honestly, this was loads of fun to watch!

2. Predator 1987

Lets make a Slasher movie except instead of a crazy guy in a mask, lets make it an Alien in a mask. Replace the knife / machete / finger claws with a badass twin claw that comes out of his forearm and a cool laser canon he wears on his shoulder. Ok cool, lets make him almost invisible too. Now instead of hunting down and killing horny teenagers, lets face him up against the The Terminator and his friends; Apollo Creed, a Porn Star and a Wrestler. And then we shoot the most Macho Sh*t $18 million USD can buy in 1987.

1. Terminator 2 1991

This is the perfect movie sequel. You take whatever is good about the first movie and make it bigger and better in every way. Where Terminator 1 was a low budget “Tech Noir” movie, Terminator 2 was more of a total 90’s blockbuster action flick. 

What makes T2 so good is we have this established character, The Terminator, an unstoppable killing machine, go up against an even more unstoppable killing machine. In Terminator 1 the action revolved around guns, which are lethal humans but not robots. In T2 however, the T-1000 transformed his arms into knives and blades, making the violence that much more intimate. You could feel every cut he makes, flinch at every jab and stab taken. Best of all, you could feel every pump of the gun blow chunks out of the liquid metal nightmare. Also Guns n Roses did the soundtrack and the music video is better than the movie trailer

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