Top 5 Horror Movies You’ve (Probably) Never Seen

A dangerous family dinner, a Vampire neighbour and zombie wedding crashers
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5. The Unnameable 2 1993

Staring John Rhys-Davies, this H.P Lovecraft inspired movie gifts us a 90’s creature feature. Originally i wanted to add the first movie, however it felt like a live action version of a scooby doo cartoon. The sequel on the other hand is much more enjoyable.

4. Rec 3: Genesis 2012

Please note this movie is in Spanish with English Subtitles.

Rec 1 was quite good but for me, Rec 3 was so much more enjoyable. A bombastic mashup of romantic comedy meets horror movie, Rec 3 really has you routing for the newly weds.

3. Fright Night 2011

This was a special brand of 80’s teen horror re-imagined for the 2000’s with some surprising twists and turns added in. Farrell was born to play a vampire and Yelchin puts in a performance that reminds us how much he will be missed.

2. You’re Next 2011

Not exactly a horror movie but still a great watch. Very forward thinking and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

1. V/H/S Series

V/H/S is a Horror anthology series. Each film contains 3 to 5 short found footage stories that have been recorded on cassettes. an overarching story connects the footage found on the tapes.

This series of Horror Compilations edges out Creep-show and the ABCs of Death to take the number 5 spot on the list. I really enjoyed the following stories: Tuesday the 17th, Safe Haven, Slumber Party Alien Abduction, Bonestorm & Parallel Monsters. The last one in that list is my personal favourite as it is entirely in Spanish and completely bonkers.

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