Quran 28:24 – The Dua of Moses (Musa AS)

One prayer that can change your situation in a short amount of time
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One prayer. That’s all it takes sometimes. One prayer that can change your situation in a short amount of time. But how can we ensure that our prayers gets accepted?

One formula from the story of Moses (AS) is:

Your Effort + Honest Intentions + Sincere Dua = Success

The Prophet Moses (AS) also known as Musa (AS), is mentioned 136 times in the Quran. He has a special status within Islam and it is important to reflect on his journey. The Prophet Musa (AS) called upon Allah frequently. In Surah Nuh, we are told Musa’s (AS) story. At the point in time, he was in a very desperate and difficult situation. He has no nobody that can help him, nobody to complain, no source of income.

Setting the Scene

While in Egypt, he had accidentally killed someone from pharaoh’s kingdom while trying to help another person. The pharaoh had agreed to have Musa (AS) murdered. With his life in danger, Musa (AS) had no choice but to flee Egypt and head towards Madyan. On the way, he rests under a tree and comes across two sisters who are having some trouble. Some men are preventing them from getting water for their flocks. Musa (AS) decided to step in and helps the sisters get their share of the water, and waters the flocks for them.

The Prayer

He then goes back to the tree and in this state of dire need of help, he made the following supplication:

“My Lord, I am in need of whatever good you send down to me.” Quran 28:24

Almost immediately after making this dua, Allah began to remove the anxiety and worry from Musa. Shortly after, the women Musa (AS) helped returned to invite him to meet their father. Their father in return provided him with work and later wedded one of his daughters to Musa (AS). Allah had granted Musa a safe place, a career, a pious friend and a wife.


From this we can take away that due to the act of fairness and kindness towards the people who were in trouble at the well, Allah had in return helped Musa (AS) too. According to this, the formula for an accepted dua works out. Give it a go sometime, donate to charity, help a stranger in need, flash a smile at someone on your commute and make a dua.

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