Top 5 Movies You’ve (Probably) Never Seen

Here is a hand picked list of movies by yours truly.
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You’ve seen all the big movies in the cinemas. You’ve watched the not so big movies on Netflix. But what about the ones in between? Here is a hand picked list of movies by yours truly.

5. Drag Me To Hell 2009

After denying an old woman’s request for an extension on her home loan, Christine Brown is put under a curse, threatening her soul with eternal damnation. Christine seeks a psychic’s help to break the curse, but the price to save her soul may be more than she can pay.

Creepy horror with some intense moments. Drag me to hell was a little before it’s time utilising horror tricks that the insidious and conjuring series are now known for. However this movie excels with a lead you can get behind and a fantastic supporting cast that truly sell the story.

4. Olympus Has Fallen 2013

The unthinkable happens – terrorists attack the White House. The building is overrun – the President is taken hostage. Luckily, former presidential security officer Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) has managed to infiltrate the building. With time running out, it’s up to Banning to rescue the president before his captors unleash their ultimate plan.

This is a better die hard movie than die hard 5. It’s a great popcorn flick and I thoroughly enjoyed watching this in the cinema. I’d avoid the sequel as it had too much flag waving.

3. Silent Hill 2006

Arriving at an eerie town called Silent Hill, Rose and her daughter are involved in a car accident and awaken to find her daughter missing; while searching for her, she faces a local cult and the dark curse that plagues the town

I watched this when I was 16 and it still creeps me out. What I love about this movie is how forward thinking it was. The all female lead was quite refreshing. They’re not gender swapped characters. Even Sean bean joins in by portraying a worried house husband.

2. Men Who Stare At Goats 2009

A struggling reporter follows a psychic soldier, that can walk through walls and kill goats by fixed gazes, on a dangerous top-secret mission across Iraq.

Super fun movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Turn your brain off and prepare to laugh for the next 90 minutes or so.

1. Happy Death Day 2017

A college student is murdered on her birthday and begins reliving that day over and over again until she figures out who murdered her.
This was so much fun. Groundhog Day meets 00’s slasher. Definitely one to watch on Wednesday night. Pay attention though, the clues are in the details!

Some interesting choices right! Have you seen these movies? Have i missed something out? Let me know in the comments.

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