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S01 E02: The Failed Kingdom

Jurassic Spoilers Inside. This week I will be looking into Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom and my reaction to why it didn’t work for me. Also this week’s episode of Agents of Shield, The Ten Commandments & more

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S01 E01 – The New Deal

Last week we saw the return of my favourite TV show Agents of Shield & the new record, Hollywood Park, from my favourite band The Airborne Toxic Event. I can’t think of a better time to get back into entertainment reviews.

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At Musty Reviews you can find critiques, analysis and discussions on movies, TV and all things pop culture. My real name is Mustafa Rashid, (phonetically pronounced “moo-sta-fa ra-sheed”) so given that my initials are MR and that I enjoy overthinking analysing things, Musty Reviews felt like the right name for the website. It’s close enough to Musty Rashid and is exactly what it suggests, Musty, Reviews.

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Movie Reviews from someone like you

Representation Matters. Ultimately, our experiences shape our opinions. However, there are very few people in mainstream media that I can identify with. And as a result, a lot of reviews I’ve read don’t match up with my experiences. 

15 years experience in Film and Media

By the time I reached my mid-teens (and early emo phase) I decided to enrol into film school to understand the theory behind movie production. And thus began my educational career in media that spanned 6 years. Recruited right after graduating, I accumulated a decade’s worth of practical industry experience, allowing me to better understand the art of cinema.
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